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She's a lawyer with high ideals and high-profile victories to her credit, the only African-American female in a prestigious southern firm who's won the respect and admiration of her colleagues. Young, smart, and attractive, with a bright future, a home of her own, loyal friends, and a man devoted to making her happy, life seems just about perfect...yet something is missing.

He's a successful African-American entrepreneur, devastatingly good looking, personable, yet unable to escape the pain of a past love who is gone but can't be forgotten.

Yesterday fades in the dawn of a new tomorrow...and the magic of a love they have dreamed of all their lives.

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It's election night and Henry Louis Davis II waits for the results that could make him the first African-American president of the United States...the impossible goal he had held since the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot...back when he shared his dreams with the love of his teenage life as they promised each other it would be for "always."

The years have taken Henry along a path filled with highs and lows. His wife, Leslie, is his lover and best friend, a woman to whom he has pledged himself for always. His long ago love, Cheryl, is the mother of a grown daughter...with a yearning for the one man whom she has loved for always. Now three people face an historic night alone--each recalling the dreams of yesterday and the promises of tomorrow that will bring them to a love meant to last for....


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Drew Staley, grieving over the death of his fiancee, finds a soulmate in Betty Robinson, but after a hasty marriage, they slowly drift apart and complications arise when Betty's former lover returns, while Jacqui, Betty's best friend, must choose between two men in order to realize her dream of settling down and starting a family.

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Giving up her successful career as an actress to marry Phillip Evans, Joi Weston finds her marriage in a shambles when Phillip decides to pursue a political career and she has a romantic encounter with passionate writer Michael Brockmier.