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(Until... is ) "An excellent novel, stands head and shoulders above the rest." 

Eric Jerome Dickey New York Times Bestselling Author

"A fresh, gifted, intuitive voice in contemporary fiction."

Lolita Files Producer/ Screenwriter / Author

"Nobody does it better"

Tracy Price Thompson Bestselling Author

​"Forever" is a story that explores the notion of just what that entails. It follows the lives of Betty and Drew from the moments before their wedding into their first year of marriage. We often arrive at the church with rose colored glasses and soon after the honeymoon discover what we thought we were getting isn't what we get. Well the glasses have come off for the newly married couple, with career, family and ex-lovers getting tossed into the mix.

Margaret Johnson Hodge Bestselling Author

McCann makes faith in God, friendship and love an important theme of this simple, contemporary novel as his characters attempt to gauge when to stand by their lovers and when to move on.”.

Publishers Weekly on Emotions

Ever since he burst onto the literary scene, Timmothy B. McCann's novels have been cherished by readers and lauded by reviewers. His debut novel, Until, was a national bestseller; and his latest book, Forever, which Dafina published in hardcover last year and in trade paperback this past February, is a Black Expressions Book Club Main Selection.

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​Emotions certainly contained a lot of them. Love, lust, jealousy, rage’Mr. McCann left no stone unturned in this novel about relationships between both the living and the dead.


Timmothy B. McCann is one of the best storyteller's I've come across in my reading experience. He grabs you from the first page, pulls you into his web, and holds you captive until the very end.

Mary Monroe National Bestselling Novelist

Timothy has penned a thought provoking novel that will speak to the hearts of readers from all backgrounds. 

Bestselling Author, Brian W. Smith

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A love story to remember 

All I have to say is this was a beautiful love story that should (as a reminder) be read over and over again.

Brown Sugga reviewed Until

Even though he's not writing anymore) and I'm so glad I found this book.

I'm just finding about this author ( even though he's not writing anymore) and I'm so glad I found it. A very engaging and enjoyable read.

Shannan Harper reviewed Until


This is my favorite book. Read about 15 years ago and always

This is my favorite book. Read about 15 years ago and always wanted a copy to keep. Was lucky enough to find this copy.

HW reviewed Until...

Five Stars 

Love this book.

Reviewed Always

HW reviewed Forever

Book so good...somebody stole it!! 

I read this novel (Until...) when it first came out and I LOVEd IT!! Apparently a female coworker loved it so much she never returned it. So, here I am years later trying to buy another copy. Timmothy, if you're reading this...WE MISS YOUR WRITING!!! Yes there are other talented writers but it's your voice we miss.

Ms. JRob reviewed Until...


Missing you terribly in Dallas. 

Timm, I miss your writing. More importantly, I miss your friendship.
Fran reviewer Emotions


Joi is not receiving the kind of attention she feels she deserves from her political husband Phil who had an affair a long time ago.
Michael is an ordinary guy who is raising his son alone while trying to follow in his father's footstep of becoming a writer.
Michael and Joi meet through Joi's brother. Read this emotional novel to find out how through Ani, Michael's novel's became a hit. You will feel the emotion.

Lauretta reviewed Emotions

More like 4.5 stars 

This is my first novel by Timmothy Mccann but it will not be my last. Even thought this book took me a while to get into it, once I did it was good. It was filled with emotions, adultery, friendships, lies, deceit. All good things come to an end though, just like in real life. The characters were well fully developed, and well described.

Kindle Customer reviewed Emotions

McCann does it again 

Timothy McCann's Emotions was so beautifully written and it always amazes me how a male author can so accurately capture the female voice. McCann had me from page one. I thought the story was going in one direction and then it made a turn and I was so excited that it did. It spoke to me. It gave me hope. It gave life to the words, "... whatever it takes".

Michele Rene Matthews reviewed Emotions


I found Timmothy McCann's book entitled, "Always" to be a literary celebration. Following Henry Louis Davis, the second bid to become the first African-American president was like being in the studios of CBS or ABC on election night, Exciting! I highly recommend this book and dedicate it to the dreamer in all of us.

Antoinette Wilson reviewed Always


Timmothy McCann's Emotions is a triumph! McCann runs you through an obstacle course of every emotion imaginable and does a great job at it. A must read for those who have or desire to cross the finish victorious.

A Customer reviewed Until...



This book was an exciting and easy read.
The book is about a lawyer, Betty, who wants love in her life, but in a sense she is scared because she has never been in love before. She meets a distinguished man that owns his own bakery, Evander, and she falls hard for him, even though she doesn't want to. Things start to get very serious between Betty and Evander, but Betty starts to sense that something fishy is going on with him.

sharonc reviewed Emotions

A good read........ 

ok now mr mc cann youre going to have to write a sequel to this to let your readers know about the newborn and her double talents she will have from being created by two talented people. micheal had many loses in his life, his dad, his son and then i new daughter...will he be in her life?(reason for a sequel) also ani intrigued me and thats a whole new spin off from emotions. i couldnt put the book down and tried to slow myreading to savor it.

ReadinDiva reviewed Emotions

EMOTIONS is a keeper to read over and over and... 

If you have ever read a Timmothy McCann book, you will not be disappointed when you read EMOTIONS.
This book was amazing, to say the least. It was one of the most emotional reads I have read this year and believe me I read alot. I experienced quite a few different emotions whil reading this very touching story. I laughed, cried, and prayed as the words came to life as I read. When the story ended and I wiped away.

Amazon Reader Reviewed Emotions

Never Say Never 

McCann's, latest novel, Emotions will take you through a range of just that. I was angry, sad, happy and jumping for joy in the same story. The few encounters between Joi, a former actress and now housewife, and Michael, a struggling writer living in his father's shadow, turns out to be a complicated mess with life-altering effects.

Nicole McCurty reviewed Emotions

What is Your Purpose in Life? 

What is your purpose in life? What would you do to become and/or remain successful? And lastly, what lengths would you go to handle the emotions that every day life throws at you?
In Timmothy B. McCann's fourth book, fittingly titled Emotions, he takes us on a journey to discover what makes us who we are.

The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers reviewed Emotions

Who doesn't desire Forever? 

Forever....The title alone is wonderful. However, so is Timm McCann and his work. With a refreshing voice and a story that strays from the norm, I couldn't put the book down. Had to, needed to, read it in a day...and I did. The only things that made me pause and lay the book down for a moment was 1:the letter, the poetic letter...it was absolutely taking and beautiful, and 2: I wondered how this brother knows and writes women so doggon well. We ned to know these things!

Jamise L. Dames reviewed Forever

Timothy McCann Scores Big With Emotions 

If the field of writing and publishing literary pieces was looked upon as a baseball game, then it would certainly be appropriate to say that author Timothy McCann has truly scored a home run with his latest novel, Emotions.
Emotions could not have been more appropriately titled, whereas readers are destined to experience a wide range of emotions while reading McCann's latest offering.

Leslie Cannon reviewed Emotions


Not quite the chip off the old block would best describe the writing skills of Michael Brockmeier II. Cursed with the same name as his father, a famous writer, Michael decides to follow in his father's footsteps. The unfortunate part is that he does not have the same talent everyone expects him to possess.

MAGGIE SWAFFORD reviewed Emotions


A True Talent, Timmothy McCann 

This was my first of his work that I've read, but it will not be my last. It was wonderful written, Timmothy McCann is truly a talent. I could not put this book down. I will not give the story line away for it would only take away the pleasure from the next reader.But,I will tell all BOOK LOVERS.TO BUY EMOTION,AND BUY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon Reader Emotions 

If you want to connect to your own heart again...read Until!

Just a note of gratitude to Timmothy B. McCann for his gift of writing. It's been a while since I have read and two days ago, I felt led to Until...even though I had heard about it over two years ago. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I had somehow forgotten about that connection btwn my head and my heart and reading Until helped me to reconnect to the essence of myself.

Michelle reviewed Until...


Emotionally Captivating 

I have enjoyed reading McCann's work since day one. Emotions has to be his best work yet. I was not able to put it down. I was finished within 24 hours. McCann has a way of getting you to relate with the characters. Would definitely recommend this book to everyone I meet. Congratulations and much success!

Stephanie C Guy reviewed Emotions

Filled with pure Emotions 

I have read all of this authors work and I think he is truly underrated. I would never compare authors but I will say this as a testement to his value as a writer. He always makes you one of the characters in his novels. You feel what the characters are going through as if you are sitting there with them and although I am not a writer I think that must be a most difficult feat to accomplish.
Greg White reviewed Emotions


A lot of emotions will keep you turning pages. Another great romance story. All of Timmothy's novels has been an overnight read for me. We have had Until, Forever, Always and Emotions,wonder what the next title will be???

B. Eaves reviewed Emotions

"Forever" in love..... 

"Forever",a sequel to "Until" will take you on a marital journey with Betty and Drew. After a whirlwind courtship, Betty and Drew marries and then all hell breaks loose! Drew's mother becomes sick, Betty's no-good ex-boyfriend shows up, and Betty gets the case of a lifetime that requires most of her time

Dunique1 reviewed Forever

Timmothy McCann -- Still #1 

I have read all of Timmothy McCann's books (Until, Always, Forever), and he continues to move me with his attention to detail, his charisma, and his sensitivity. "Forever" continues where "Until" left off. Since stumbling upon Timmothy McCann by accident, I have become a devoted fan, and I enthusiastically await each new publication. Now that Mr. McCann has given us another new novel, "Emotions" All I can say is WOW!

Olivia Salisbury reviewed Forever


Again. Another gem. Another wonderfully written, intricately woven, deeply drawn piece from the author of Until..., Always, and Forever. Emotions satisfies on every level as a work of fiction. Characters you can see, touch, and experience. A plot line, like a maze, carefully constructed, and oh so pleasant to journey through. Life, for everyone, is a quest to find out what our true purpose is. What our true calling is.

Shelia Norman reviewed Emotions

Blended with so many Emotions 

These Emotions are not for the faint of heart at all. The reason I write this is becasue I have read two of the authors previous three previous novels and with each I saw him take his skills with the pen to another level. So when I saw this title my jaw dropped. I am not one easily moved to tears nor am I one apt to busrt out laughing while reading a passage in public.

Amazon Reader reviewed Emotions


I read the book in one day. couldn't put it down. felt the characters were well portrayed. Could really relate to the story. You felt the intensity and the pain and the joy as it unfolded to develop the relationships that existed. You really felt like you knew the characters and related to everyday experiences. Everyone has been caught up in some type of drama and it isn't about blame or fault but how you deal with it.

M. Hodge reviewed Emotions



Timmothy McCann just gets better with time. Kudo's on a wonderful novel.
Margaret Johnson-Hodge

Kathleen Cooper reviewed Emotions


Life isn't predictable and I was so happy to see neither was "Emotions". It's the story about a fading black film star name Joi who's glory has come and gone, a woman who went from starring on Broadway to playing a foster mother to a little white kid on television. It's about Joi waking up one morning and

wondering if all the sacrifices she's made was worth it.Emotions by Timothy McCann

Good Reads reviewer Emotions

A true eye opener of love, marriage and friendship......... 

Especially to Timmothy...........
Thank you for this wonderful material/book/novel. If you have not read this book you are really missing out on a treat. It made me cry, laugh and had me hanging on the edge to read more.
The words of wisdom from Mr. Blue alone about love and marriage was eye opening.

A Customer reviewed Forever

Wonderful read 

Timothy McCann's ability to speak from a woman's point of view was remarkable. I have read many novels written by men that are about women -- but don't quite capture what a woman would say, think or feel. Mr. McCann nailed it! I loved this book and would highly recommend it.

Michele Rene Matthews reviewed Until...

Buy This Book!! 

In a riveting sequel to his debut novel UNTIL,Timmothy McCann continues the story of Drew and Betty in FOREVER. Married after a quick courtship, the newlyweds are faced with many challenges which makes them both wonder if they should have gotten married.
Drew's mother is dying, Betty's old boyfriend is trying to get back in the picture and if that's not enough, there's even some legal drama. Its an amazng book. BUY it.

SharonV reviewed Forever