In this collection you will find stories of love, loss, hope and redemption from National Bestselling novelist Timmothy B. McCann


The collection opens with a story that will pull at the strings of your heart, aptly entitled, “One Day I Was Lost.” When you get to the second chapter you will find the hot and steamy story entitled Chapter 23 which is an excerpt from a forthcoming novel by the author. Chapter five has an experiential piece about finding ones purpose and to close it out you will find the powerful and erotic The Most Beautiful Thing in chapter ten. All of the stories are different yet compelling in their own way.


Chapter One              One Day I Was Lost


Chapter Two             Divorcing Atlanta: Chapter 23


Chapter Three           Why We Make Love


Chapter Four            The Imperfect Date


Chapter Five             …For What Could Have Been


Chapter Six               Him & Her


Chapter Seven           Daddy Moms


Chapter Eight           A Thousand Ways To Say This


Chapter Nine             Back and Forth


Chapter Ten              The Most Beautiful Thing


Chapter Eleven         Divorcing Atlanta: Opening