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 the artist: Tiffany Graham

Tiffany Graham is an emerging visual artist, who was born in Atlanta,
GA, to Terry and Susie Graham. She is a rising senior, in High School.
Tiffany has developed a love for visual art, since elementary school.
She has illustrated two books, with her father, Terry R. Graham,
entitled Fly, Butterfly, Fly and My Heart.

In the last few years, with tutelage from her AP Art teacher, her
artwork has flourished. Her passion for visual arts has increased over
time, causing her to create paintings, with varying degrees of depth and
meaning. She began working with watercolors, and has graduated to
Acrylic, as her primary medium. Tiffany combines various techniques in
her paintings to cater  to all styles and tastes.

Her goals are to continue painting and release artwork/paintings,
through Tiffany’s Fine Arts, as she prepares to attend college, in the
fall of 2021.
Tiffany plans to major in Business with a minor in Fine Arts.

Tiffany Graham enjoys sharing her artistry and she hopes you enjoy her