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I think prayer is one of the fundamental privileges that we are given as Christians. It is simply communication with God. What a privilege! Think about this for a moment— the holy, all-mighty and all-powerful God of the universe wants to interact with you and I! Incredible!

Martin Luther, the father of the protestant reformation, put it this way: “To be a Christian is to pray”. It is fundamentally ‘part and parcel’ of our faith, but more importantly, I believe it is an existential feature of our collective humanity. Anthropologists will tell you that every civilization—past or present— has divine communication central to it’s cultural experience. From the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, to the Greeks and Romans— even our ancestors in Africa — all embraced some form of prayer. This continues to be seen in the modern-day.

Do you want to know the amazing thing about our Christian faith? Not only is prayer central, but we also have a God who promises to communicate back to us when we pray!

For this reason we pray with people all over the world by phone. To join is live you can simply text the word "prayer"to 770-653-5671. You can also visit our youtube page to listen to prayer calls from the past.

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